I endeavour to live my life in such a way that the light in me ignites the light in others.


In all that I do, I believe that my purpose, my dharma, my “WHY” is to BE THE LIGHT.

My name is Andrea Ting-Letts. I am a yoga instructor, a brand storyteller, and a curator of goods that do good. Though these paths may seem to share little in common, I believe it is my “WHY” that unites all my endeavours. I seek to illuminate the best in others so we may all rise and shine.

Through my yoga classes, I help you to access your truest self in each moment, to connect to others through our shared experiences, and to meet your fullest potential whether in flow or in stillness.

Through my brand storytelling, I help my clients to uncover your “WHY”, to find your distinctive voice, and to broadcast your voice consistently through every element of your brand whether visual, written, or experiential.

Through my retail boutique, I curate and showcase local and global brands who are helping to change the world in some way, large or small.


How can I help you shine?


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